Survey about Tournaments: Results
Answers to July 17th,  2004: 39

Have you ever been to a tournament?
      Yes  82%
       No   18%
If you haven't, are you thinking in going some day?
       Yes  90%
       No    10%
       · A moment arrives in which you have to measure yourself against others, in a sportive way.
       · Tournaments are my life. I take part in more than 20 a year and I have had years with even more tourneys. Maybe for the emotion, the adrenaline, it's my white moment to enter a ring and prove me once again that I can do it, and that I am able to get better evereyday. I've been competing since 1986 and never while my body allows I'm gonna leave it.
       · I think it's a good way to put into practice what we have learnt in classes. Even though they ain't the teachings we get but well
       · Because this way I can contrast the knowledge acquired and the level of perfection of my techniques against people from otrher places.
       · Because I like it and I go to see if I can win.
       · I like contact sports "kick boxing" and it's a good way to be fit and discharge adrenalin
       · Because it's thrilling to get piqued not to lose
       · Because it's something I considered needed to have a better knowledge and to put to practice in a real way all the knowledge acquired after so many training.
       · It tries my knowledge.
       · Why not?
       · I want to sparr with people that hold their ground in the mat and I know that I can losse but also learn

If you have either participated or watched:
Do you think judges are impartial?
       Yes   53%
       No     47%
How many judges do you think there may be, and how will you distribute them? Exclude combat.
       5  5%
 In line, as in a tribunal                                   21%
 In opposite corners                                       10%
 In opposite corners, plus one as main referee  62%
Will you show marks to the public?
      Yes   82%
       No    18%
       To follow the evolution of the competition 
       To have no pressure on competitors
       To have no doubts 
       Because the public has a right to know 
       Because there will ever be some fellow to tell you the marks (friend, family, etc)
       This way is more transparent
       It's interesting for the public to know (it gives more interest to know what's going on).
       Keeps everyone honest.
       For all the pavillion to see and the people can know.
       So they can follow the progression of the tournament and thus judge the imparciality.
       Pressure from the exterior will be avoided
       Because this way who wins will be noticed
       For more clarity
       Not to have the judges' decision making be influance by public's reaction
       I think the opinion of each judge is valid and besides it should be as transparent as posible, by showing the marks to the public competitors are not being belittled, but the quality of the competence is being enhanced.
       The public should know the marks and give its opinion
       So they know who wins
       Because I consider the competitor and the public have the right to know more extensely the results, to subsecuently, in the competitor's case, being able to improve some aspects. 
       In all the sports the public knows how the marks go.
       What diff does it make?
       So they have a chance to calculate the results
       To keep public involved in matches
       To give more legitimacy to marks
       So it's clear there's no bluff
       Because the audience no need to know
       So they know that im here and that i came to do my best and show them that ive worked hard and im going to keep it that way

How will you do categories?
       Belt degree                         43%
       Belt and sex                       38%
       Other How? 
          Belt, age, sex and weight   5%
          Sex, age and weight          3%
          Belt, age, sex and weight   5%
          Weight and belt                 5%
          Weight                             3%
          To the kenpoist preferences (i.e., advanced browns against blacks, green against blues, difference in habilities is in theory small).
          Depending on the people applying, to give an option to women to participate in all of the categories.

Which categories would you like to have? Choose all you feel relevant.
       Forms                                       82%
       Self-defense techniques              77%
       Musical forms                            41%
       Team forms                               64%
       Weapon forms                           51%
       Others Which? 
           Exhibitions, team fighting, grapling, fullcontact
           Sparring and team sparring
           Exhibition tournaments

How many referees do you think there must be, and how will you distribute them? Only combat and sparring now.
       1  3%
       3  3%
       5  8%
 One standing and the rest sitted                    36%
 All standing                                                  44%
 All sitted                                                        5%
 One sitted and the rest standing
      Two sitted in each corner and one standing
      4 sitted (around the tatami) and 1 standing
      1 in the fight and one in each corner, sitted
      1 in each corner + 1 in ring
Will you show marks to the public?
       Yes   87%
       No     13%
       To follow the evolution of the competition
       It's important, for the jackpot 
       To have no doubts, because this way the coach can know which strategy to follow
       They have a right to know what's going on 
       For all to compare the referees decissions
       Because knowing how they're doing makes them being more in the show
       Keeps things honest.
       Because this way it is much more interesting to the spectators and the competitors themselves. Moreover, it'll be more impartial, as the criteria used for punctuation will be known. 
       To follow the fight
       To give it more transparency
       Not to have the judges' decision making be influance by public's reaction
       For transparency and a concept of credibility
       So they see who wins
       Why not?
       So they have a chance to keep the score
       Once again to keep them involved with whats going on
       To show the score to people from outside the tourney
       no need no kown
       so they know that im here and that i came to do my best and show them that ive worked hard and im going to keep it that way

Will you stop after every point?
       Yes  67%
       No    23%
How will you do categories?
       Belt degree                                  13%
       Sex                                              5%
       Degree and sex
       Degree and weight                       18%
       Weight and sex                             3%
       Degree, sex and age                     5%
       Degree, weight and sex                10%
       Degree, weight, sex and age         38%
       Other Which ones? 
              Age (benjamin, infants, junior, absolute, senior) and freedon in degree (a grren belt could go agianst a brown belt in a tournament, i.e.).
             Depending on the people applying.
Which categories you'd rather be? Choose all you feel relevant.
       Semicontact       67%
       Full contact        44%
How would you like the rules to be?
       · Similar to other association semicontact
       · Punctuating from groin to head (except front strikes) and only the helmet as compulsory protection. Non stop between points to allow counters, and sweeping and techniques to/from ground allowed.
       · Well, low blows not allowed to be able to give a good show, and kicks earning 2 points and fights being to 5 points.
       · Always beeing semicontact for not injuring each other. The rules under which I have toook part seem right (I.K.K.A.) but as I've said begore I'll include more judges or referees.
       · Throw back to the earlier years where the opponent could be taken down then struck for a piont.
       · The current ones.
       · I like the International NASKA rules.
       · Internationals. Like IKKA or LTKKA. Semicontact with groin.
       · Ikka's
       · The ones in each tourney, it doesn't mind.
       · Strikes can be: fists, knees, head, shin, elbows. Every part of the body can be hitted, except for: groin, neck, nape, back, knee. It would be 3 assaults, 2 minutes each and 1.5 rest. There would be 5 judges, one in each corner and other sitted in front.
       · Hitting from waist above
       · As they're now
       · Accumulative score.
       · Disqualifying for ill-intentioned contact.
       · Points should be scored through pulsers, and points awarded only when all pulse at the same time
       · No take downs or shots to knees or lower. Light head shots from all angles.
Iternational Kenpo Championship rules
       · Full contact, K.o. combat in the purest Dragon Ball style, to me, point sparring is a bit light
       · no blood drawing...
         groin shots open
         full contact...
         no DQ
         accessive contact if thta guy hit really hard
       · no full contact head shots....groin may be a target shot....must have all sparring equipment(gloves, helmet, groin protector, shin guards, booties, mouth pieces, and breast protector for women and small children)....

If you have any comment, write it below: 
       · I have experience as competitor, referee and coach. No-contact favors the fastest, I'll keep full contact for pros,  semi-contact without stopping doesn't let techniques to be correctly seen, and semi-contact stopping after points is the most complete.
       · I have seen that imparciality in a championship grows with its importance, being more imparcial judges in international events than in national or regional. 
       · In spain there are many good competitors, you have force, but in technique you're far from what you can be, you're very conservative in your fighting and your forms and by what I see nobody has the intention of getting better in its competence style, that's it, you have to maintain karate traditions, but the "SPORT KARATE" is other story, for example there're many points you don't mark because you don't know them, like a  blitz, that is you ask for strikes to be as in karate do and that's boring, I gave a seminar in illescas and I swear nobody knew the techniques they were seeing and even less the kind of training, and let me tell you this school razed in the ikka 2002, my recomendation is to go out more and know more, because it's true that you're fighters who have temper, but there's a moment in which courage, temper and force are of no value.
Invite me whenever you want and we'll work a fighting by points seminar so you know a different style of training, thanks god we have excellent fighters for example the winning fighting team was from mexico, and in the ed parker memorial tournament the grandchampion was won by ruben valenzuela from the same ikka mexico and I won the ikka 2002 thanks god, but this victories took their time to arrive, until we inverted a lot in learning uptodate techniques, follow this way, you're really very good, you have ignacio serapio there, he's really the one who knows more about sport karate in spain, he's just been champion in las vegas, in florida and in new orleans,  he can help you a lot
well brothers I'll see you in the future
      · I'd like to comment that I have took part in a few events of this kind but even so in the last international I.K.K.A. championship I was 2º in sparring (purple-green +75Kg) and 1º in team sparring.
Greeteings to all the practitioners of this great sport
Raul Nicolas
      · Above all, people not getting obsesed with "winning trophies" as it is much better to be centered in enjoying the event and learning from the rest of the participants. In a tourney a series of lessons impossible to teach in a school are learnt.
Ignacio Serapio.
Kakuto Bugei
       · I think it's awesome ikka's seriousness in their tournaments, but its way to treat its affiliates lacks. I have belonged to it and I have the sensation that they seem to have a treasure that shouldn't go outside the circle, not giving facilities for the ones who aren't near them to train even proving that we have a very good level at tournaments, being nationals or internationals and belonging to the same organization. My only complain of them is that, wnot making any comment about its president. A hug to everyone.
       · I thank everybody, and obviously you, for the advancement of Kempo.
       · Get rid of this worthless tag stuff. Many competitors win trophys for strikes that would be worthless in the real world.  Its foolish to reward such behavior, you wouldnt award a black belt for that type of fighting so dont award a point either.  Fights should be 5pts.  Points should be awarded based on hitting an actual target with a proper strike.  Not tagging the target, but actually striking it with correct technique. No bonus for kick over a punch, a strike is a strike.  The only reason its a kick vs a punch is based on range and height not anything else.

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