Kenpo Karate Salutation
  1. From attention stance, step forward to a right front twist stance. Simultaneously put our right fist on the left palm and take both hands to right side of waist.
  2. Step forward with lef to a 45º cat stance, taking both hands to the front.
  3. Step back with left to a right forward bow while joining the backs of the hands at hip level.
  4. Join right leg to left, and then step left into a horse stance rotating hands outwards and hitting with the back in the quadriceps.
  5. Follow the movement of the hands into a circle above the head, where they make a triangle.
  6. Hands go down to throat level while right hand closes on left palm (meditation stance).
  7. Hands join palms at chest level, as if praying.
  8. Finish joining left leg to right, drawing an ample circle that goes over the head and end in the sides of the body, in attention stance.

Drawings courtesy of Isabel Villares, LTKKA orange belt.

In 4, most schools cock hands at waist level instead of hitting thighs with the back of hands.

In the long forms this salutation may be modified, being the difference in getting the open left hand to the front while the right makes a circle above the head and then comes parallel to the floor to join the left in 1.

The meaning of the salutation

The symbolism of the salutation is clearer if we explain the meaning step by step:
  • The shield (palm) covers the weapon (fist) to show you don't want to fight.
  • You go forward and show your weapon to indicate yoou aren't afraid to fight.
  • You step back to give a last chance to avoid confrontation.
  • You show you don't have any other weapon except your fists.
  • You meditate before combat to get concentration. The triangle is the symbol of the three stages of learning.
  • You show your shield and weapon again.
  • You pray. There are people who say it's for your opponent soul, but it actually is because you're going to be a barbarian for a while.

  • You wrap the world with your arms to sign that the victory is yours.



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