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Name: Michael Billings (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 26 21:19:15 2003
Comment: Your website continues to develop. Keep up the good work, I have enjoyed browsing it over the past months.

Yours in Kenpo,

Name: Sensei Logan Lee (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 23 23:37:35 2003
Comment: I enjoyed your site, please visit mine for Kenpo and tai chi classes in Jonesboro, AR and for information on joining the Ozark Mountain Karate Association
Name: Steve Carpenter (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 21 06:11:10 2003
Comment: I have started a new forum with the Idea to link as many disciplines together to talk about Martial arts and writings about philosophy and your WAY. I am also developing one of the largest webrings in the world and it is growing quickly! All are welcome!
Respectfully, Steve Carpenter
I have been in martial arts for 30 years and JKD is my core WAY.
Modern Freestyle Kung Fu 
AKA NWFISH at my sites
I hope to see you there!
Name: Les Grihault (Homepage)
Country: United Kingdom Date: Sun Jan 19 23:07:18 2003
Comment: Nice, informatative website. I have enjoyed looking at it.

Website de Niza. Muy informatative. Pozo hecho. Excuse por favor mi español, yo haber comenzado solamente aprender.


Name: American Kenpo Karate Association (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date:
Comment: hello, best wishes from german american kenpo!!! yours in kenpo webmaster of the akka
Name: Joshua Meredith (Homepage)
Country: USA Date:
Comment: Excellent site.
Name: Logan Lee(Homepage)
Country: Date:
Comment: Loved your site, please visit mine information about the aoomka association and classes in Jonesboro AR can be found at
Name: Martin ALcala(Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed Jan 15 22:13:55 2003
Comment: We are proud to announce our web site is ready for visitors at the Institute of NOKAOI.

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