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Groups and Forums

CanAmMa - Martial arts forum with a specific section for Ed Parker's Kenpo.
E-Budo - Forums about martial arts and japanese culture.
Kenpo - Forum of spanish speaking practitioners.
Kenponet - One of the best fora because of the people that participate in it.
Martial Arts Institute - Forums about forms, for instructors...
Martial Talk - Fora about kenpo and other martial arts. There are many great people writing in there. And masters!
Martial World - One of the many forums for kenpo practitioners.
You can also find more lists about kenpo, in english and spanish in yahoogroups and bravenet


In english

Hibben Knives - Famous knifemaker Gil Hibben is also an appreciated kenpoist.
Iron Mountain Knives - Zach Withson knives catalogue, not only for kenpo, but for the filipino martial arts as well.
Kempo/Kenpo FAQ Page - The original Urbin faq. - Resources for kenpo students. Still under construction.
Kenpo Comics - In honor of Parker. Comics are not completed.
Kenpo Karambit - A great resource for high quality Karambits, trainers, and all sorts of gear, and an explaination of how kenpo come to be blended with the karambit knife.
Kenpo Kards - Ed Parker Jr's Kenpo Kards are designed to make learning and remembering kenpo's techniques easier.
Kenpo Secrets – Version in 4 languages. Forms, principles, techniques, notes, forums, newsletter, swoads (articles) and goodies (wallpapers and screensavers). It also have advices for fights against more than one adversary.
Kenpo Manual - With kenpo history and creed, information about Ed Parker and the IKKA crest, links, photos and syllabus.
Kenpo Thoughts – With articles, links, biographies, news and a who's who.
Kenpotalk - New kenpo portal. It's been recently launched, so they're still adding material. Has a great forum.
Martial Arts resources - Directory of Martial Arts related websites. 
Rec.martial-arts FAQ's – With the usenet group messages.
The Martial Arts Temple - With glosary, faq, article, schools and instruction and ways of meeting other kenpoists (forum, chat, mailing lists).
The martialarm - Martial arts training machine and other equipment. 
The Kenpo Karate and Kajukenbo Webring - For people interested in the martial arts linking their origins to James Masayoshi Mitose or William Kwai Sun Chow. There are other kenpo rings in Webring.
Warriorcrafts - Japanese swords and e-books, and a martial arts directory.

In spanish

Galeon Kenpo - Origins, with an animated gif of the salutation, explaining of the system and universal pattern, and kenpo in Argentina (empty).
Hispagimnasios - Fitness and martial arts portal with articles about health, nutrition, sports medicine, martial arts, training, etc. With forums, newsletters, links and gyms guide.
Kempo/Kenpo/Chuan-Fa - Meaning, origin and history.
Red marcial - Argentinian portal of martial arts, with japanese recipes, history of oriental religions, stories and tales, book transcriptions, links and varied articles.

In other languages

Kenpo Sverige - In swedish, and a small part in english. With information about classes and the Viking Camp. It also has some articles.

Associations Personal Webpages Miscelaneous Groups and Forums Magazines Schools/Academies Other Styles

Personal Webpages


Brian's Parker Kenpo Page - Forms, techniques and other descriptions. One of my favourite sites, with Paul Wood's.
Paul Wood's Kenpo Page - Forms and techniques descriptions, history, books and videos, directory of schools and links.
Craig Million - Leads to Pasadena IKKA site. With videos.
Danielle's Kenpo website - Here, you can fin pics of a young Kenpo Karate student at American Karate Studios (Amerikick)
Frances Romney's Site - With information about women in the martial arts and the Black Dragon Association, as well as some links and curiosities. 
Jason Bugg's Kenpo Karate Page - With forum, video references, articles and books, and pictures.
Kathy's Kenpo Kars - Memorial Ed Parker, dojo and links lists, plus humor and thoughts. 
Kenporaw - Stephen Howard's page. Includes some articles and a shop.
Mike Swan's home - Forms and techniques descriptions, and links.
Ray's American Kenpo Karate page - With history, patches, Ed Parker and techniques.
Todd Durgan's Kenpo Page - Apart from some Todd's thoughts, it has two articles quite interesting , specially the one about kenpo progression.
Xena's Kenpo Karate Web - General info about kenpo. It's no longer maintained.
Wenessia - Information about martial arts in english, french and dutch, directory of sites from all over the world with search engine. It also has pics and definitions.

abc de las artes marciales - Very interesting web with a multitude of sections dedicated to training, nutrition, medicine, philosophy and budism, as well as some specific of various martial arts. It's more of a portal.
Kenpo en España - With info about the pioneers in Spain, history, links, faq, etc.
Kenpo Chile - Mario Gálvez Jr's site. Schools in Chile, events and pics. Very elaborated graphically.
Kenpo en Venezuela - Germán Hernández's site with history, pics, anecdotes and experiences, plus info for venezolan practitioners.
Página de kenpo de Óscar Lopez de la Nieta - History, curiosities, books and videos. FEK (Federación Española de Karate)'s belt requirements.

Masters and Instructors

American Kenpo de James Ibrao - Explains the crest and belt requirements.
Angelo Collado's Kenpo Web Site - Focused on forms: cllues on training, common mistakes and Collado's biography. It also has a section with news and a t-shirt store.
Bill Martino's Kenpo Home Page - Biography of Martino, history of the school, a Mandelbrot fractal and "The zone", with forms descriptions and techniques curiosities.
Bob White's American Kenpo Karate - Events, biographies and forum, plus the unavoidable shop.
Brian Duffy's Kenpo Karate - Includes a section with his vision of kenpo.
Chief Roman - With videos and information about the Native American Kenpo Council and Adrian Roman. It has the technique of the month in training, with pics step by step.
Derek Ence's Storm Kenpo Web Site - Besides info about schools in Idaho, Storm Kenpo and Derek Ence, it has sections with kenpo Q&A, articles, training tips, the AKKI and merchandise.
Ed Parker Jr. - Handbooks and contact info. Under construction.
Emilio Bevilacqua - Lists his titles and qualifications.
Frank Trejo - Events and semminars in USA, belt requirements, forum and shop, Trejo's projects, pics, crests and biographies of Parker Sr and Trejo.
Gary Ellis Progressive Kenpo System Site - With articles, forum, interviews, newsletter and info about schools in the UK. It includes a section dedicated to Ed Parker.
Héctor Jofré's Kenpo Systems - It has faqs, links to LTKKA sites, articles (empty) and some sections dedicated to the school, kenpo history, philosophy and also technique (also empty).
Huk Planas - Information about his semminars and explaination of his patch.
Kenpoprofessor - Clyde T. O'Briant's site. It's still under construction but it already has some photos and videos.
Jeff Speakman - Pics of his better known films.
Jeff Speakman's - Website of a spanish fan about his films and also pics. The rest is empty.
Keith Gorham's Kenpo - Pics and store, newsletter, semminars and info about training. Link to the school and the AKKI.
Lee Bachman - Infinity Kenpo - Lee Bachman produced material, plus some technical articles (books excerpts).
Lee Wedlake's Karate Studio - Genral information about the studio and Wedlake, and store. The newsletters section doesn't work.
Marcel de Jong - Kenpo in the Netherlands - Info about the school, explaination of the crest and salutation and result in championships.
Michael Billings' Kenpo Karate - It has a very complete information of kenpo as a system as well as articles and information about the school and the association it belongs to.
Rebelo's Kenpo Karate - Joe Rebelo's site and his school. It tells kenpo history and has FAQ, events, his biography plus some interviews he has conceded and pics, videos, memorial to Parker and links.
Ron Chapél's Ed Parker Institute - It has some good information on SubLevel Four, as well as some articles by Ed Parker Jr.
Santa Clara Kenpo Karate - John Sepúlveda's site. List of AKKS affiliated schools, events and info about his school.
Sean P. Kelley - The site where you can find information on Sean Kelley and his karate center, and even contact him for a seminar.
Sergio Correa's Chilean Kenpo Site - Featuring Sergio Correa and Bob White visit to Chile, both from the American Kenpo Senior Council.
Sergio Correa - With masters biographies, info about schools, pics, forum, history and news.
The Sigung  - This is the official Web site of Sigung Stephen LaBounty. With many articles in the American Kenpo section and information on Health and Fitness.
The Speed Man - John La Tourette's site. E-shop with La Tourette's credentials.
Velez Kenpo Karate - Gilbert Vélez's IKKA site. Information about classes and semminars, with pics.
WKKA Sensei Tom Lovarco - With mpegs to dowload and pics. The rest is info about the academy and e-shop.
Zach Whitson's Kenpo Counterpoints - Zach Whitson's site, with information on him and his kenpo counterpoint explained. You can also buy his reknown material.



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