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Most of these links are to Ed Parker's kenpo sites, both in spanish and english. But I have also included links to magazines and martial arts in general, as well as to other kenpo styles. If you know of any website who is not here, I'd ask you to send it to


Sites in english

AKF - Brian Duffy's American Kenpo Federation. News, affiliated schools directory and catalogue.
AKI - American Kenpo International. With newsletter and events, school directory, family tree, store, pictures and AKI info.
AKKI - Paul Mills' American Kenpo Karate International. Representatives, merchandising, articles, clips and events. Index letter are way too small. It also has a forum.
AKKI England  - Pics of Oxford students, class schedules and addresses. Information about Clifton, Grihault and the AKKI. Also has some videos and a shop.
AKKJ - American Kenpo Karate Jersey. Besides the information specifically theirs, this website has many pictures of Ed Parker as well as in depth information on some techniques (see technique themes) and forms. The connections with other branches of kenpo and Bruce Lee also have room here.
AKKS - American Kenpo Karate Systems. Information about schools, events and Speakman.
AKKS Australasia - News and events, including pics, info about kenpo (belt requirements, history and links), kenpo for kids, director (Tom Cullen) and members, schools and merchandising.
AKKS Jersey - Information about the Channel Islands Kenpo Karate Federation, news and events, pics and links.
AKKS Ireland - With listing of schools and newsletter by Ed Downey, and some general info.
AKKS Saugus California - With questions to Hull, observationes and history, photos, forum and links.
AKLA - American Kenpo Legacy Association. This site has a very good dowload section, with articles written by Kevin Lamkin
AKSC - Steve LaBounty's American Kenpo Senior Council. Events, links and a relation of the 7th degree black belt given by Ed Parker.
AKTS - American Kenpo Training System. This is John's Sepúlveda's association. Beside's information on the association and its events, it has a great newsletter and pics.
B.K.F.- Steve (Sanders) Muhammad's Black Karate Federation information and schools. Also with merchandising and a newsletter.
BKKU - British Kenpo Karate Union. Details about american kenpo and similar styles, news and related events in the UK.
Black Dragon Association - Martial artist women association.
CKF - Chinese Karate Federation. This is Sean Kelley's association and they have plenty of info about it here.
IKCA - International Karate Connection Assotiation. It has become a system to learn through video. They also have pics and bios and info about the semminars organized by Chuck Sullivan and Vic LeRoux.
IKKA - International Kenpo Karate Association. Association created by Ed Parker. The site is well organized in its sections: kenpo, IKKA, schools and forum. To non associated people the most interest is in the kenpo section.
IKKA Ireland - Paul Dowling Rathdown Kenpo. Site quite complete with pics from the championship in Madrid (2002), interviews, glossary, news, forum, events, videos of techniques, syllabus and information about the club among others.
IKKO - International Kenpo Karate Organization. Founded by Dennis Conatser. Apart from the typical (pics, events), it includes a section with games and jokes and another patriotic.
International Kenpo Fellowship - Explaining creed, aims and mission. It also has a family tree, news and events, photos, forum, and links.
Joe Palanzo's W.K.K.A. - Information about WKKA.
Kenpo 2000 - News and events, information about the Skip Hancock's system, school and the courses it offers. It still has sections under construction.
Kenpo Germany - It's Schulte's site and it's mainly in german. It has general and technical information about kenpo and training. It also has a forum, news, and a pictures and video gallery, as well as a shop. 
LTKKA - Larry Tatum's Kenpo Karate Association. It has an important store section, plus some clips of techniques and general info about the Pasadena school, news and events.
OAKKA - Original American Kenpo Karate Association. The site offers general info of the association and its founder, Dave Hebler.
Oz Kenpo A.K.K.A. - John Van Wijk'sk Kenpo resource site of Australia with links, gallery, books and videos, members area (free and under construction), locations, history, belt system, what is kenpo and why doing it.
Steve Spry's Kenpo Karate Institute (IKKI) - School, store, information about the IKKI and kenpo, creed, patch and a few links.
SWKKA - Rick Fowler’s site for the Southwest Kenpo Karate Association and his school in Texas.
UKF - Universal Kenpo Federation. Semminars, schools and pics of the organization created by Mike Pick.
UKKA - United Kenpo Karate Association. Information about Jay T. Will organization.
UKKD - Universal Kenpo Karate Dojos, by Joshua Meredith. With forum, store, list of schools and a quite interesting section with articles and links.
UKS - Bryan Hawkins' United Kenpo Systems. Events and newsletter, as well as list of schools.
Valadez Kenpo Association - Information about the association and links.
WKF- Manny Reyes' World Kenpo Federation. Tourneys, schools and merchandise. It also has a spanish version.
WKKA - Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association. News, events, market and information about Joe Palanzo and the Association.

Sites in spanish

AVKK Internacional - Jefferdson Flores' Asociación Venezolana de Kenpo Karate Internacional, affilliated to LTKKA. With info about the association, pics, events, forum and chat. The email address doesn't work.
B.B.K.K.A.- Chilean black belt association. Articles, memorial, activities and semminars.
Estado Zulia Kenpo Association - This is a venezuelan site that is beginning its journey in the net.
IKKA Chile - Monthly techniques (pictures series), programme, IKKA links, events and pics. It then has info about them, Ed Parker and some black belts. In terminology it has pics of some kicks and punches with their english names.
IKKA España - International Kenpo Karate Association. At the moment it only has info about Madrid 2002 Internationals.
Kenpo en Argentina - WKKA representative for Spanish America site. It is quite complete and with many subjects: techniques, principles, foundaments, interviews to masters, semminars...
Kenpo en Bolivia - Events, pics, links, kenpo description, history and books. Information about AKKS in Bolivia and the federation.
Kenpo en Puerto Rico - Can also be accesed from, but it sometimes has problems. School, black belt list, definitions, history and pics.
LTKKA Chile - Peter Soto. Association, self-defense (in english!), forms, pics, products, events, forum and links. You can find a translation of the kicks and punches from english to spanish.
LTKKA España - LTKKA España has articles and information about the association and the activities it does.
LTKKA Mexico - Information, history, links (a handful) and good flash presentation. Chapter dedicated to kenpo Xtreme, though I was only able to see the index.
WKF Guatemala - Mario Lorenzana's group has some articles of interest, besides some info on kenpo history and the IKKA patch.
W.W.K.A Chile - Information about the system and organization, some masters biographies, patches, belt requirements, news, history and pics.
WKKA Uruguay – It has information about training among other things. With articles and links and information about the academy.

Sites in other languages

AKKA Deutschland - In german. American Kenpo Karate Association Deutschland.  With technical information in german and russian about kenpo. It has sections such as interesting, related (medicine, psychology, physics and didactis), links and forum. Quite complete.
AKKI Italia – In italian. With information about the system and the schoola. It also has videos of some techniques.
AKKS Danmark – In danish. With an animated gif of five swords. The representative is Claus Pedersen.
AKKS Kenpo Brasil - In portuguese. History, where to train, social projects, pics and how to be a representative in Brazil.
IKKA Germany - In german. Divided in information about Parker, kenpo, the IKKA and the IKC, plus forum and news.
IKKA Greece - It is the first and only Greek kenpo page so far.
IKKA Netherlands - Hans Hesselman. In dutch and english. Information about their school in Utrecht, including a family tree, and about kenpo, with the posibility of sending kenpo e-cards.
Kenpo em Brasil - In portuguese. With biographies, information about the system and the schools, links and many varied and interesant articles.

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In english

Black Belt Magazine - With some resources and store besides reflecting the magazine contents. One of its articles dedicated to kenpo introduces two techniques.
CKF Online - Online kenpo magazine, with news and biographies from the Chinese Kenpo Federation.
CFW Enterprises (Inside Kung Fu, etc.) - Divided into korean, chinese (which is where kenpo is) and japanese arts, grappling, celebrities, Bruce Lee, JKD and health. Besides some articles and a summary of the magazines they sell, there's a store.
Kenpo Magazine - It's a new project of a magazine devoted to kenpo and all of its branches.
Martial Arts On Line - Martial arts magazine, specially focused on the show biz.
Meibukan Magazine - Non-profit webzine for the knowledge and spirit of the martial arts. Starting point are the teachings of Okinawan karate-do.

In spanish

Artes guerreras - With parts dedicated to every martial art (only biographies in the kenpo part), an online magazine for subscribers, a few links and updated news. Registration is free.
Cinturón Negro or Budo International - With some of the articles from the magazine. If you access Budointernational directly, it also has a store.
Kenpomanía - With many interesant readers articles. It's been under construction for months.



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