Links to kenpo karate and related sites
Most of these links are to Ed Parker's kenpo sites, both in spanish and english. But I have also included links to magazines and martial arts in general, as well as to other kenpo styles. If you know of any website who is not here and wish it to be listed, send it to
  • Associations and Organizations - Both local and international associations.
  • Masters and Instructors Webpages - Most of these are commercially oriented, but there are some with quite useful information.
  • Personal Webpages - Kenpo practitioners webpages. You can find almost anything in here.
  • Miscelaneous - This includes some martial arts portals, as well as sites that may be personal webpages or that don't fit in the other categories.
  • Groups and Forums - Excluding the ones belonging to sites in the above categories.
  • Magazines - Some are kenpo specific, but most of them are martial arts general.
  • Schools/Academies - The name say it all. You can also find some instructors webpages, who are oriented only towards their academies and classes.
  • Other Styles - Sites not Ed Parker's Kenpo, but branching either from Mitose's kenpo or American kenpo, or related in a way or another with them.



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