J. Arrabé's self defense techniques 
1) Atack: Double front lapel grab.
  •   Step into a forward bow between attackers's arms. Right heel palm to face while grabbing his right arm with your left hand.
  •   Right hammer to right clavicle.
  •   Fron left punch to solar plexus.
  •   Left roundhouse kick to inside of left leg.
  •   Right heel palm to face.
  •   Right roundhouse kick to inside of opponent's right leg.
  •   Left sword hand to groin in a close kneel.
  •   Left back crossover to neutral bow in line with attacker. Front right punch to ribs.
  •   Right roundhouse punch and left knee.

2) Atack: Front right step through kick.

  •   Right forward bow.
  •   Double block.
  •   Front left punch to solar plexus.
  •   Right heel palm to face joining legs.
  •   Sweeping with right leg in a reverse bow.
  •   Stomp on ligaments.

3) Atack: Front lock.

  •   Right close kneel and right heel palm to inside of right leg.
  •   Right sword hand to inside of left leg.
  •   Heel palm to right ribs with slight angle.
  •   Exit in left forward bow and sword hand to groin.
  •   Right downward knuckles to kidneys.
  •   Right side kick to right knee.

4) Atack: Left roundhouse punch and right knee.

  •   Right outward block while in neutral bow.
  •   Right heel palm and elbow to knee and chest respectively.
  •   Right hammer punch to chest.
  •   Grab testicles with left and kneel.
  •   Right front punch to left thigh, checking head with left hand.
  •   Right elbow strike to head (attacker has lowered due to the previous testicle grab and punch).
  •   Stand up in a cat stance and reverse back knuckle strike to face.
  •   Right downward hammer strike to head.

5) Atack: Front right lapel grab.

  •   Step to 11:00 into a forward bow. Check with right hand.
  •   Pivot 180º angling with right leg (right back crossover). Grab attacker's right arm with your left hand and right elbow strike to kidneys area.
  •   Pivot 180º angling with left leg (left front crossover). Grab right wrist and break wrist and elbow backwards. Fall.
  •   Right knee to ribcage.
  •   Break shoulder by turning until attacker faces downward.
  •   Left knee to right shoulder to block any movement.

  •   Right elbow breaking.



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