In the beginning it was an assignment for credits in the kenpo karate group of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. And also the insistence of master Jorge Jiménez for us to publish it. Some new assignments for credits have been added later and content for the rest of the website has been developed.

Part of that content comes from Eusebio Paradinas, a student of Ángel Picó, which graciuosly gave the techniques description; and part from translation of articles we have considered interesting. This part is only available in spanish, though. Nonetheless, we want to thank Angelo Collado, who allowed us to translate one of his articles, asking only to have his name and a link to his site in return. What less! Also thanks to Ron Chapél and Ingmar Johansson, who gracefuly gave us permission to use their articles, and Joshua Meredith from The Kenponet for the masters' biographies (these are in the spanish version).

We also want to thank his teachings to our other master, Adolfo Luelmo, and to the fellows who have helped with ideas and moral support.  Among the fellows who gave something else are: Isabel Villares, with her drawings; Maite Rodríguez and Natalia Carpintero and their assignments; Raúl Nicolás, which insisted upon the pictures section, sending the first ones; Alberto López and the pictures of the 1999 IKKA Spanish Championship; Chad Morgan and his poem; and master Benedicto Rosales, who did not also congratulate us, but sent some of his own pictures with Jorge, even though he is developing his own webpage. 

To all of them, and the ones who put a link to our site, a big thank you.

The KenpoMachine team, whose members, past and present, has been and are:

Ana Montenegro
Lucía Bartolomé
Vicente Cartas



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