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Here you will find information about the self defense system best known as Ed Parker's kenpo karate or american kenpo karate: learning structure, basic concepts, techniques and forms. It also includes some articles about related subjects, pictures and links. This is a reduced version of the spanish site

News and updates

We would also like to have some news and events here, so if you are organizing one event and want to publizice it, feel free to send us a note to



Skip Hancock seminar in Bellingham, Washington, USA: September 7-9th, 2007. Contact: Skip @ 509-475-6676
Huk Planas seminar in Hudson, New Hampshire, USA: September 8th, 2007. Contact: Mike Hogan @ 603.595.4507
Lee Wedlake seminar in Fresno, CA, USA: September 8th, 2007. Contact: Lee Wedlake
Steve LaBounty seminar in Long Island, New York, USA: September 13-16th, 2007, 2007. Contact: Steve Cordaro
John Sepúlveda seminar in Santa Clara, CA, USA: September 14-15th, 2007. Contact: John Chivers @ +1-408-492-1811
Sean Kelley & Rainer Schulte seminar in Bradford, PA, USA: September 14-15th, 2007. Contact: Michael Miller @ 814-368-3725
Huk Planas seminar in Redding, California, USA: September 14-16th, 2007. Contact: Scott Halsey @ 530.246.4003
Lee Wedlake seminar in Chicago, IL, USA: September 15th, 2007. Contact: Lee Wedlake
Skip Hancock seminar in Westfield, Massachusetts, USA: September 17-19th, 2007. Contact: Stephan Serwecki @ +1-413-250-7631
Huk Planas European Tour: September 19-30th, 2007. Contact: Ingmar Johansson @ +46.11.103610
Skip Hancock seminar in Acton, Massachusetts, USA: September 21st-24th, 2007. Contact: Matthew Moncreaff @ +1-978-264-2904
John McCurry seminar in Costa Mesa, Ca, USA: September 23rd, 2007.
Lee Wedlake seminar in Middletown, CT, USA: September 23rd, 2007. Contact: Frank
Sean Kelley seminar in Damascus, MD, USA: September 28-30th, 2007. Contact: Michael Beal  @ 301-448-2082
Lee Wedlake seminar in Mt. Vernon, OH (Columbus area), USA: September 29th, 2007. Contact: Steve @ 740-392-3846
Kenpo Ohana (get together) in Fort Worth, TX, USA: September 29-30th, 2007. Contact: Bill Piper @ 817-595-0440
John Sepúlveda seminar in Cheyenne, WY., USA: October 5th, 2007. Contact: Tyler Leihsing @ +1-307-634-6776
Huk Planas seminar in London, Ontario, Canada: October 6th, 2007. Contact: Pat McGuire @ 519.471.0808
Zach Whitson seminar in Miami, Florida, USA: October 6-7th, 2007. Contact: Sandor Urban @ 305-261-4787
Steve LaBounty seminar in Penn Valley, California, USA: October 6-7th, 2007. Contact: Shizumi Geary
Huk Planas seminar in Hartford, Connecticut, USA: October 12-13th, 2007. Contact: Paul Zaniewski @ 860.585.5961
Sean Kelley seminar in Greenlane, PA, USA: October 12-14th, 2007. Contact: Kevin Kuliga @ 215-258-5580
Skip Hancock seminar in Spokane, Washington, USA: October 12-14th, 2007. Contact: Shawn Gants @ 509-228-0606
Skip Hancock seminar in Phoenix, Arizona, USA: October 18th-21st, 2007. Contact: Lawrence Robinson @ 602-370-5781
Zach Whitson seminar in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA: October 19-20th, 2007. Contact: Steve White @ 603-625-5835
John Sepúlveda seminar in Colleyville, TX. (Dallas), USA: October 19-20th, 2007. Contact: Rob Hazlewood @ +1-817-577-2467
WKKA Camp in Baltimore, MD, USA: October 19th-21st, 2007.
Huk Planas seminar in Lemoore, California, USA: October 20th-21st, 2007. Contact: Dave Calhoun @ 559.924.5425
Zach Whitson seminar in Boston, Massachusetts, USA: October 21st, 2007. Contact: Doreen Cogliandro @ 781-289-9535
Lee Wedlake seminar in Orlando, Florida, USA: October 26th, 2007. Contact: Lee Wedlake
John Sepúlveda seminar in Corvallis, OR., USA: October 26-27th, 2007. Contact: Louis Donadio @ +1-541-753-6614
Skip Hancock seminar in Salisbury, Maryland, USA: October 26-28th, 2007. Contact: R.S. Mitchell @ 410-713-2333
Huk Planas seminar in Storm Lake, Iowa, USA: October 27-28th, 2007. Contact: Clint Hughes @ 712-749-0777
LTKKAs world championship in Madrid, Spain: October 27-28th, 2007.
EKKA & AKTS World kenpo Championship in Mechelen, Belgium: November 10-11th 2007.
Ed Parker jr and Sean Kelley seminar in Santiago de Chile, Chile: November 17-18th, 2007. Contact: Roberto Vidal.
World Kenpo Championship in Jersey, UK: March 27th-31st, 2008.


May 21st, 2005

New pictures added, sent by Mr George Elmer, founder of the ACKKS. 

If you want to contribute to this section with photos from your personal album, you have to send them to with a small comment. 



March 8th, 2005

New replies to the surveys about masters and associations. We hope the surveys to be useful, and also that you find them interesting. If you have any idea or topic for a new survey, write to us at There are also some new links. 

You can also submit articles, links, clips, pics or whatever other work (techniques,drawings, poems, etc) you want to share in the net to be published here. 



February 18th , 2004

New article added. It's a blue belt thesis by Brian Martin. This thesis explores how balance works, and how it can affect your kenpotraining. 

If you have done a thesis, wrote an article, shot a kenpo video clip, have some techniques of your own (championships, exhibitions), or anything you want to share with the kenpo community, but do not want to maintain a site of your own, this is your place. Send it to and tell your friends. 



September 9th, 2004

Now we've added a page with links to the sites that help maintain thisthrough their affiliation programs. One ofthem is Bravenet (useful web tools); another is iPower, a hosting provider;and the last adition is the iTunes store. 
We also give you links to some of the best kenpobooks out there, through Amazon. 

You can now support Kenpomachine by purchasing from our affiliated store or donating with a Paypal account.



January 10th , 2004

We have added new self-defense techniques. These techniques have been created by Javier Arrabé from Spain for his second degree black belt test. If you have any tech you want to share, please, send an email to us at


May 25th, 2003

We've added a set called Tiger breathing or Tiger in tension. It was made by Raúl Gutiérrez, or so we've been told, in the early 1980s. It has a clear chinese influence. Now go and discover it! 


May 10th , 2003

New article added, courtesy of Dr. Ron Chapél: A Karate Pioneer: The Roots of Ed Parker’s Kenpo. We want to thank him, as the initial intention was only to translate it for the spanish site and he graciously gave his permission to use it here as well. 


September 11th, 2002

We have added drawings to the salutation, to help understand how it goes. The drawings have been made by an orange belt, because you don't need to be a black belt to help others in their learning or participate in a certain activity :) 



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